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Lead Gen

Hi Neil and Eric. I'm an internet marketing agency owner here in Montreal. We work with various businesses in the city. We don't niche in industry, but we focus on local businesses and we don't offer every type of internet marketing service. I'm curious what do you guys think are some great lead gen strategies? And, if you know any companies that can do lead gen for us? Thank you guys

SEO Considerations for SAS Tools

When trying to rank Ubersuggest keywords, is there anything you do differently than you do for your blog pages? I have 2 problems: 1. I find in my niche, calculators, that many competitor pages that rank in the top 3 or so organic positions have almost no content. 2. Also, I find if a user searches for a particular feature that there will be many tools that rank better than mine which don't have the feature! I'm looking for suggestions besides "get more backlinks." :-) Thank you.

A quirkiest way to start ranking on a single keyword

Hi guys, The main key phrase we are trying to rank for in search engines has SEO DIFFICULTY of only 35, which, as I understand, is not super competitive, but our site is ranked 96 for that keyword behind other pages that are not even relevant for that key phrase. What would be the best way to get closer to the top? Is there a plan of things to implement? Step 1,2,3 and etc. Thanks

What's the deal with Non-DotCom's?

Hi Neil and Eric! Appreciate you both and your content! We're using it to setup a new business- can't wait to share the results with you both. Question on domain name. The business- HughesRealty- is fairly common and already taken as a .com. Will lesser known extensions will hurt SEO efforts? Considering options such as .realestate, .properties, .house, etc. Thank you in advance! -->The articles I've found online on this topic are a couple of years old, and don't seem to point as a hard 'yes' or 'no' in either direction. 💫

Marketing a network effect app: dating app

What's the best way to attract users for a network-effect company? I'm building a video-first dating app, tentatively named Bubble Dating, "find a long-term relationship to bring into your quarantine bubble", at <background> - Users meet potential matches by attending $10 video speed-dating events. You talk for 5 minutes on video, with prompts to get the conversation going. - Explicitly creating a supportive community with behavior norms. (Most dating apps don't have any community at all, it's just 1:1 interactions.) - Mobile-first, perhaps a web version eventually. - Launching in the SF Bay Area first; most of my contacts are there and it seems most friendly to new dating apps. </background> Marketing ideas: 1. I'm working my friend network, and have hired a marketer to attract users on a part-time basis. Can continue with them. 2. Reward existing users who invite friends with credits to attend speed-dating events 3. Emulat The League's apply-to-join (and potentially sit on the waitlist for a while) model Is there anything else I could be doing? I don't think running ads is the right way to go yet, but I'm open to trying it.