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Instagram Tips

Hello Neil and Eric, Happy New Year! We are redesigning my travel website to give it a fresh look and I'm wondering what I should focus on in terms of theme, navigation, and content in 2021 (or anytime). I've decided to shoot for an entirely new look this year and I admit web redesign can be intimidating. My visitor numbers grew exponentially last year but my conversion rate needs attention. Suggestions?

Keyword Custom Pages for SEO

Does creating a custom page for a relevant keyword improves ranking for that keyword? What else can be done to improve rankings of that custom page? Example: keyword: flights to new york. custom page url:

Is SEO THAT important?

I own an agency and the acquisition flow is mostly done through LinkedIn leadgen —which means direct interaction. In this context, would SEO still be relevant for us and why?

Marketing a network effect app: dating app

What's the best way to attract users for a network-effect company? I'm building a video-first dating app, tentatively named Bubble Dating, "find a long-term relationship to bring into your quarantine bubble", at <background> - Users meet potential matches by attending $10 video speed-dating events. You talk for 5 minutes on video, with prompts to get the conversation going. - Explicitly creating a supportive community with behavior norms. (Most dating apps don't have any community at all, it's just 1:1 interactions.) - Mobile-first, perhaps a web version eventually. - Launching in the SF Bay Area first; most of my contacts are there and it seems most friendly to new dating apps. </background> Marketing ideas: 1. I'm working my friend network, and have hired a marketer to attract users on a part-time basis. Can continue with them. 2. Reward existing users who invite friends with credits to attend speed-dating events 3. Emulat The League's apply-to-join (and potentially sit on the waitlist for a while) model Is there anything else I could be doing? I don't think running ads is the right way to go yet, but I'm open to trying it.

What's the deal with Non-DotCom's?

Hi Neil and Eric! Appreciate you both and your content! We're using it to setup a new business- can't wait to share the results with you both. Question on domain name. The business- HughesRealty- is fairly common and already taken as a .com. Will lesser known extensions will hurt SEO efforts? Considering options such as .realestate, .properties, .house, etc. Thank you in advance! -->The articles I've found online on this topic are a couple of years old, and don't seem to point as a hard 'yes' or 'no' in either direction. 💫